Snap Shades for Subaru Forester SJ 2013 - 2018 Baby Sun Protection Rear Window

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2 x Rear Door Window Snap Shades - QUALITY AFTERMARKET PART

Designed in Australia, Tested and recommended by the Subie Shop Team!

Snap Shades offers magnetic rear window shades specifically designed for the Subaru Forester 4th generation (SJ; 2013-2018). These shades have been tested by ARPANSA and provide 84.6% protection against UVA and UVB rays, making them an excellent solution to safeguard your passengers from harmful UV rays, heat, glare, and even insects.

The Snap Shades are perfectly fitted to the car windows, utilizing German technology and developed with the latest 3D laser scanning technology to ensure a high-quality, custom fit. 

With Snap Shades installed, you can still retain full functionality of your car windows while stationary. You can even partially open the windows for ventilation while driving. The shades are easy to install and remove, thanks to the high-strength magnets embedded in the shade frame. The perforated shade material also maintains visibility through the glass, even in the dark.

Overall, Snap Shades are a high quality, reliable and practical solution to protect your passengers from the harmful effects of UV rays, heat, glare, and insects.