Process West Verticooler Top Mount Intercooler Kit for Subaru Forester SH 08 -12

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Introducing the revolutionary 'Verti-Cooler' slant mount intercooler system for the SH XT series (2008-2012), Process West takes a fresh approach based on years of motorsport and component design expertise. With a focus on rapid air-charge cooling and flow-path efficiency, the Verti-Cooler sets a new standard in Subaru intercooler design, delivering unmatched performance and enhanced engine durability.

Through computer modeling and real-world testing of the factory Subaru Top Mount Intercooler, it has been observed that while it cools effectively in short bursts, a lack of exit air path from the bottom side of the intercooler creates a congestion of hot air in the engine bay. This congestion rapidly diminishes intercooler efficiency during demanding conditions. Increasing the size of the stock mount intercooler improves heat-soak resistance but fails to address the crucial aspect of effectively removing heated air from the intercooler body.

The Verti-Cooler combines the benefits of a large and high-flowing Process West core (400mm flow length, 205mm stack height, 120mm thickness) with a design that mounts the intercooler at a 15-degree near-vertical angle in the engine bay. Accompanied by a new hood duct design that directs external airflow directly onto the intercooler fins, the Verti-Cooler ensures efficient air exit thanks to its unique mounting angle. The heated air is then directed down through the engine bay and expelled from the underside of the car through the transmission tunnel, providing a shallow, cool, and unrestricted exit path. In comparison, the stock intercooler setup forces the air to make nearly a 90-degree turn, highlighting the clear advantages of the Process West Verti-Cooler design. Additionally, the Verti-Cooler boasts the largest volume among aftermarket intercoolers for the SH XT Forester, with core measurements of 400mm flow length x 205mm stack height x 120mm thickness.

True to Process West's commitment to excellence, the Verti-Cooler package for your XT Forester includes everything you need for a seamless installation. The complete package comprises specially formed silicon hoses, high-quality constant tension hose clamps, the Verti-Cooler intercooler body, and the corresponding under-hood air duct/splitter. Additionally, there is an optional silicone hose available for the Verti-Cooler, allowing for direct compatibility with non-stock turbochargers.

When gaining that crucial competitive advantage through enhanced performance and prolonged endurance becomes essential to your application, the Process West Verti-Cooler stands unrivaled in the Subaru performance market. A culmination of time-tested Process West engineering and innovative design thinking ensures that the Verti-Cooler is the ultimate choice for your SH XT Forester.

To truly gauge the remarkable capabilities of the Verti-Cooler, we equipped our test vehicle with the latest generation AIM Data Logging system and took to the track. The Verti-Cooler demonstrated impressive cooling capacity, flow rates, and performance improvements. Take a look at the test data to witness the exceptional performance of the Verti-Cooler on the track as well as its comparison to the stock intercooler on the dyno.


Core Size: 400 x 205 x 120mm
Includes a suitable Hood Splitter
Reduces heat soak compared to the factory Intercooler

Vehicle Fitment:

2008 - 2012 Subaru Forester SH XT

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