Large Wireless Phone Mobile Car Charger Mount Holder for Subaru Impreza Forester XV Liberty

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Introducing the ideal in-car mount you've been searching for. Designed to securely cradle your phone, it accommodates even those with sizeable protective cases. Plus, the wireless charging functionality seamlessly penetrates through the case, eliminating the need for removal.

Stop using cords, that's the old way

Very easy to use
What you see is what you are purchasing
Please check compatibility before purchasing

Elevate your charging experience with our advanced wireless car charger. Designed to seamlessly identify your device and provide optimal charging output, it ensures rapid and efficient charging. With built-in safety measures, you can charge worry-free, while the sleek black design complements your car interior. Embrace the future of charging technology today.


- Extra Large holding capacity for phones with big cases

- Smart Device Recognition: Automatically identifies your device upon placement, delivering optimized charging for maximum efficiency.
- Voltage Optimization: Swiftly determines the ideal voltage for rapid and effective charging.
Comprehensive Protection: Equipped with overcharge, temperature, and short circuit safeguards for worry-free usage.


- Water and Moisture Protection: Keep the charger dry and away from wet environments.
- Temperature Limits: Operate within a maximum ambient temperature of 45°C for safe usage.
- Controlled Heat Generation: During charging, normal heat generation occurs, ensuring safety as long as temperatures stay below 60°C.
- Adaptive Charging Time: The charging duration adjusts based on device temperature, battery capacity, and related factors, always striving for peak efficiency.
- Child Safety: Ensure the charger is kept out of reach of children.
 - Certified Cables: To prevent connectivity issues, use original certified charging cables.

Technical Parameters:

- Input: 12V/1.5A, 9V/2A, 5V/3A
- Wireless Charging Output: Up to 15W (Maximum)
- Interface Port: USB Type-C
- Product Dimensions: 135.55x82.6x56.5mm
- Package Dimensions: 158x104x85mm
- Product Weight: 280g
- Material: ABS with Metal Circuitry
- Colour: Black

Compatible with all phone models that support wireless charging. Before making a purchase, kindly verify this information for your specific phone model online.

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