Subaru BRZ STi Toyota 86 Spare Wheel Space Saver Spacer Temporary Tyre Rim 17 "

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SUBARU BRZ / Toyota 86

Space saver is in excellent condition with 100% tread - see pics for details
Excellent replacement
135/70 D17
17 Inch

What you see is what you are purchasing
Please check compatibility before purchasing
See pics for details

Some Detailed information from a customer:

Firstly the retaining bolt is an 8mm metric std thread. However (see photos) it needs to be 90-100mm long. The retaining bolt which comes with this wheel may not fit, but can easily be replaced.
My car is a 2015 Toyota 86 GT (base model). It comes with 16 inch alloys. The upmarket GTS model has 17inch wheels. The space saver wheel is a perfect fit for my car:
1. it fits in the wheel well - it doesn't protrude and it is exactly the right height to support the semi rigid carpeted removable floor.
2. It easily fits around the calipers etc

So I have attached photos. These show:
1. original polystyrene moulding that fits in the spare wheel well and provides support to the removable semi rigid boot floor (the ribs down the middle). Also you can see that my car came with all the tools required to swap wheels (ie jack, brace).. In the moulding you can also see the puncture repair kit - small compressor and sealant - in a "toiletry" like bag. This bag fits nicely under the drivers seat so you can retain this as a solution as well as having the space saver wheel.
2. a couple of photos (with a level) showing how the spare wheel is exactly the right height to support the semi rigid boot floor
3. some photos of the wheel on the car
4. a photo showing heaps of clearance around the disc caliper assembly keeping in mind that my 86 comes with 16inch alloys (I am almost certain that the 17inch space saver will fit any BRZ or Toyota 86 model since the the max wheel size with any variant is 17 inch (even with the larger Brembo brake option).

Now one other thing: the 135/70/17 wheel you provided should fit any model. However a 135/80/16 is identical (0.26% different) to the 135/70/17 in rolling circumference ie 622.4mm versus 620.8mm. I understand some subarus had this space saver. This 135/80/16 would also fit my car but you would need to check the height when it is laid flat to make sure it will support the boot semi rigid floor.

Please check before purchase

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